Identifying Single Points of Failure Before They Become Failures

March 10 2014 | By | in IT Operations

Architecting your environment to ensure high availability means designing an architecture where single points of failure are identified and mitigated. In most IT infrastructures, IT services are designed with multiple redundant components, and multiple failures must occur before you finally arrive at a single point of failure ─ the point where, if the final remaining .. Read More »

Assessing Monitoring Costs

February 27 2014 | By | in IT Operations
Assessing Monitoring Costs

When evaluating monitoring choices, cost is always a major factor.  While seemingly simple, pulling together an accurate accounting of costs can be trickier than expected, especially considering all of the variables that can be associated with each offering. But in general, costs can be divided between two categories: “Upfront” and “Ongoing.” In this article, we’ll .. Read More »

Hey! Who Stole My CPU?!

February 25 2014 | By | in IT Operations
Tech Tips

In some recent conversations with customers around the different types of key performance indicators, or KPIs, they are interested in monitoring, the topic of “stolen CPU” came up several times. Based on these recent discussions, we thought we would share a bit more information with you about this whole idea of “stolen CPU”, as well .. Read More »

Clearing Roadblocks to Service Delivery

February 21 2014 | By | in IT Operations

Imagine this scenario: Your staff has just wheeled in your shiny new Converged Infrastructure. Then the CFO calls – the person instrumental in getting you this amazing new equipment – and wants to move several key finance applications from legacy infrastructure to the new CI system. They need the same SLAs and compliance reports across .. Read More »