100 Best Cloud & Data Stats of 2011…so far

2011 has been a HUGE year for the Cloud and the buzz around the actual happenings is greater still. We wanted to cut straight to the core of everything Cloud, more specifically, everything relating to the Enterprise Cloud and the cascading impacts for businesses worldwide. So to get the facts out to the masses, I spent some time looking near and far for surveys, data sets, case studies, white papers, and more to find some of the most compelling, up-to-date material out there.

2011 is far from over so much could change between now and January. If you find any studies/stats of your own that you would like included, please add it to the comment section below or tweet it to us @Zenoss.

So without further ado, please enjoy the Best of the Cloud in our 100 Best Cloud & Data Stats of 2011.


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    […] Zenoss 100 Best Cloud Stats of 2011:  Admittedly, this came out last year but it is still a great statistical overview of Cloud Computing.  It starts with data growth stats, like 48 hours of video uploaded to youtube every minute; that 74% of Data Centers have increased their server count over the last three years accounting for 5.75 million new servers every year yet 15% do not have data backup and recovery plans;  that, on average, cloud users report saving 21% annually on those applications moved to the cloud; that a delay of 1 second in page load times equals 7% loss of conversions, 11% fewer pages viewed and a 16% decrease in customer satisfaction; that Agility is the top driver for cloud adoption and Scalability the top factor influencing cloud use; that 74% of companies are using some sort of cloud service today yet 79% do not have an IT roadmap for cloud computing and a whole slew of others.  All the stats appear to be attributed and run the gamut from storage to cloud to apps. […]

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