Announcing an Expanded Cisco Alliance for Zenoss

August 21 2014 | By | in Converged Infrastructure

Today, we’re thrilled to announce an expanded alliance with Cisco Systems.  Building on our previous Cloud Service Assurance product, Zenoss is developing Cisco UCS Performance Manager.

UCS Performance Manager will be sold exclusively by Cisco, directly and through worldwide partners.

Based the Zenoss platform and enriched with Cisco expertise, the new product helps customers make the most of their UCS infrastructure. UCS Performance Manager helps customers eliminate the expense of unnecessary capacity upgrades and identify unified fabric configuration issues causing congestion and hurting application performance.

Cisco UCS has been the fastest growing server platform since it was announced, and there are now over 30,000 UCS customers. It’s exciting for us to bring Zenoss software to so many new customers!

Check out the demonstration video below, and come by the Zenoss booth (#2615) or the Cisco booth (#1217)  at VMworld to learn more about this new Cisco product.


Kent Erickson is Senior Product Manager at Zenoss, Inc. Kent has fifteen years experience in systems management software at IBM, Mission Critical, NetIQ, and Zenoss.

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  • Charles Bueche

    Hi Team,

    Assuming we have many and independant instances of UCS installed at customer premises, can we monitor all of them from a single, central instance of UCS Performance Manager ?

    Added to the fact that we have many UCS instances, they sit behind 1-to-1 NAT between the OSS and the UCS instances. What is your view on this added complexity layer ?


    • Kent Erickson

      Hi Charles!

      The initial release of UCS Performance Manager is best used in a single geographic site with a single customer. It does support multiple UCS domains.

      It installs as a single-OS-instance appliance and can send notifications thru email, traps, and other mechanisms. Although it’s not ideal, you might consider an installation per customer site with a central event manager collecting notifications.

      Are you using UCS Central across the domains?


      • Charles Bueche

        Hello Kent,

        Thanks for the clarification.

        So far we don’t have any real monitoring for UCS, but several instances are already deployed at customer premises and we are under pressure to provide a viable solution.

        We are a service provider managing several UCS instances for distinct customers, so deploying one UCS manager per customer is not really ok for us. Does not scale on the deployment, operation, maintenance and licensing costs.

        But if it would support multiple domains, I see no real reasons for not at least try to use it. We have integrated several other products, here is how we “tuned” Zenoss Core for service-provider needs :


        • Kent Erickson

          No reason not to try! UCS Performance Manager connects using the XML-over-HTTP API to each UCS domain. It maintains a persistent connection to receive faults and configuration changes. Doesn’t poll, in other words.