Client/Server Frameworks Need to Go

February 18 2014 | By | in IT Operations
Server Frameworks

A few weeks ago, I spent two hours of my Saturday the same way many Americans did – sitting in a theater with my daughter watching a movie about Danish toy building bricks.  Yep, Legos.  Lego has taken “integrated marketing” to a whole new level –TV shows, books, and now a movie all which, while .. Read More »

Real-world Benefits of Unified Monitoring Part 2: Monitoring Reach

February 6 2014 | By | in Unified Monitoring

In Part 1 of this blog series we discussed how some of the largest Zenoss customers were experiencing significant productivity gains from their adoption of Unified Monitoring. The second benefit that these enterprises highlighted was monitoring reach.  Monitoring reach isn’t really a benefit that immediately comes to mind when you think of unified monitoring, but .. Read More »

Leveraging the Next-Gen IT Monitoring Solutions

February 4 2014 | By | in Webinars

Framework based IT monitoring solutions have far outlasted their welcome.  As the cloud-era datacenters continue to throw unprecedented challenges their way, these tools, some fromtwo decades ago are just not aging gracefully. These “solutions” sold by many of the Big 4 Framework vendors (BMC, CA Technologies, HP & IBM) were once monolithic single technology platforms .. Read More »

Not So Elusive: A Unified Monitoring Reality Check

January 30 2014 | By | in Unified Monitoring
Reality Check Unified Monitoring

I attended the Gartner Data Center Conference in December 2013 in Las Vegas, during which Colin Fletcher and Jonah Kowall gave a presentation titled “The Elusive Promise of Unified Monitoring: How to Monitor Infrastructure and Applications.”  The presentation put forward Gartner’s recommendation that organizations move away from client/server-era frameworks and their agent-heavy collection of acquired .. Read More »

Top 5 Presentations You Need to Know On Converged Infrastructure


The path to converged infrastructure doesn’t have to be as challenging as you would expect. With the right planning and preparation, implementing a strategy for your organization’s IT operations can be a much smoother experience. Here are 5 tremendously helpful resources for everything you need to know on Converged Infrastructure. Converged Infrastructure Approach Paves Way .. Read More »